ABC da Bicharada - Lettering

The book 'ABC da Bicharada' takes children on an incredible journey through the Brazilian fauna, captivating and educating them along the way. Each letter introduces an animal along with an explanatory text and illustration.

The project was created by volunteer members of the Instituto Espaço Silvestre. My role was to create an alphabet and personalized letters for each animal. The custom letters were inspired by the animals, as well as the details and color palette of the illustrations. 

Lettering: Graciela Rozza
Illustration: Bela Lugli
Cover lettering & layout: Juliana Soria
Client: Programa Silvestres SC & Instituto Espaço Silvestre
ABC da Bicharada e-book available here
In addition to the book, we've created coloring pages for use at Instituto's events, offering a sneak peek of the book while providing entertainment for children.
Through exploring the book's pages, children not only learn about animals but also gain awareness of extinction risks and the importance of species preservation.
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