World Cup Trumps is a thematic card game designed by Oitô! Collective. This game is based on the classic card game Top Trumps. The rules are simple: everybody starts with the same number of cards, and whoever has the highest number for a specific stat wins all of the cards of that round. The first player to get all of the cards wins the game.
The deck consists of 32 cards, divided into 8 soccer teams. We choose the teams that have at least one World Cup title. The illustrations represent people and elements that are important in the culture of each country.​​​​​​​
Leandro Tuxo was the art director of this project. The lettering artist Graciela Rozza created the back of the cards, and seven amazing illustrators designed the artwork: Arthur Smirnof, Drawingzila, Gabriela "Bibi" Sakata, Gio Borges, Herick Lemos, Leandro Tuxo, and Marcos Machado.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Similar to the original Top Trumps, our deck contains 32 cards divided into 8 groups, each representing a world champion team. Each team has 3 player cards (defense, midfield, and attack) and a mascot card. You can check all the illustrations and details here.
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